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Shoppers who are looking for something different in the world of online marketplaces are falling in love with a new web retailer.


Mesa, Arizona; 04, September 2014: Shoppers who are looking for something different in the world of online marketplaces are falling in love with a new web retailer. is an online retailer like no other, offering a fun twist that customers can’t resist.


When customers purchase an item from, they don’t know what they are buying. This exciting concept allows customers to pay just $10 and receive an item of greater value. Customers spend a few dollars and revel in excitement when they open their new gift. High-profile items from include iPads, kitchen appliances, 4G cell phones, supplements, and much more. understands that some customers might feel apprehensive about “blindly” ordering an item, and potentially receiving an item valued at less than $10. To curb this worry, offers a solid guarantee. Customers will always receive an item worth more than $10 (MSRP), and if a customer finds their item elsewhere at less than $10, they will be refunded the difference.


Customers are enjoying the revolutionary new shopping experience presented by One recent customer said, “I never thought it would be possible to get a brand new iPad for $10; I will buy lots more things! Very satisfied.”


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About adds a fresh new spin to online shopping, adding a never before seen element of surprise to each order. Each surprise is brand new, never used or refurbished, and worth more than the $10 cost to the customer. Dedicated to providing a fun online shopping experience, ships everything from jewelry to high-tech gadgets.


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Zach Stradling, Owner

Something To Me, LLC

P.O. Box 13217

Mesa, AZ 85216





About Something To Me

       Many people have been hearing about Something To Me and are always asking the what it's all about, well let us explain. Something To Me is a fun and simple website: We all love a good mystery every once in a while and so we decided why cant we make a fun way to make Online shopping a mystery as well. The way it works is that we will send you something for only $10 with free shipping on USA orders. Your item will be selected randomly among many products from our warehouse and only upon opening your something will you discover what your "Something" is!


       You're "Something" could be anything, it could be something you need, something you want or just something you'll love. Some examples of somethings we have sent out recently are an iPad, Kitchen Appliance, Popular Video Game, Health Supplements, Designer Make Up, and much more!


       Although we promise complete mystery on what your "Something" may be, we do have some limitations on what we can send so for legal reasons and per our company policies, some restrictions do apply. We do not provide any items or services that are illegal to trade in United States, for example. Full list of exclusions is here: Exclusions List



Welcome Post


Welcome to Something To Me


Are you one of those who like surprises? Or do you want to experience something new when you are shopping online? Whatever your preferences are, Something To Me is a website that will take you to the next level of online shopping experience!


Something To Me is a fun and simple website. For just $10, we will send you something with free shipping on USA orders. Your item will be chosen randomly among the different products from our warehouse. Once you received it, you will discover the mystery of what your something is.


The item we will send may be something you need, something you desire or something you want. Your item could be anything. This could be a smartphone, iPad, kitchen appliance, party game, surround sound system, cool shiny gadget, box of gourmet chocolates, gift card, popular video game, set of kitchen knives, new perfume, kitchen appliance, pair pearl earrings, unique home décor, garden tool, power tool, office supply item, electronic equipment and many more.


Your something is not cheap or a second hand item. You will get a brand new item. We don’t deliver refurbished or use item. All items we deliver are brand new and we can guarantee you that the item will be worth more than your $10 investment.


How It Works


Something To Me works simple. What you need is to pay $10 only. Your payment is hundred percent safe. It will not also be shared. That is why there is nothing you should worry about. After paying, we will send you something. If you are from the US, the shipping is free. You don’t have to pay for anything. Just make sure that you have paid $10 for you to get something. However, we will not give you something that are illegal. So, expect to receive legit and great items from us!  If you would like to know more check out our How It Works page.


If you are wondering when you will receive your item, it will be in front of your door within five to seven days.


Our Guarantee


Our website aims to bring a difference in the world of online shopping. Something To Me is for everyone who like surprises or mysteries. We offer our services for fun. We know that some of you might hesitate to transact with us especially if you are a first time customer. But, we guarantee satisfaction and we value our promise. We are a reputable and reliable company that was established with the aim to give fun and enjoyment to all of our clients. If you want to know more information, you can consider reading our policies and terms and conditions.

We have already provided fun and surprises to many people out there. All of them are happy with the items they got. If you want to be one of them, then don’t hesitate to pay $10 and get something that would cost more than what you paid for. Let there be fun in your online shopping experience! Let Something To Me make your day by receiving something that would make a difference when you are shopping online!



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