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Something to me LLC will not intentally send any damaged or unusable products as something. Due to the unique nature in which operates and because of the random merchandising policy, all sales are final; no returns, no exchanges, no refunds. However, if your something becomes damaged or unusable during shipping, we will send a replacement for the product. Somethingtome LLC reserves the right for item(s) to be returned at the buyer's expense, before a replacement can be sent.  If you reveive an item that was damaged during shipping, you must report said damage to Something to me LLC witin 14 business days in order to have a replacment sent to you. Something to me LLC reserves the right to request and/ or require photographic proof of said damaged item. Something to me LLC reserves the right to deny any damaged item claims depending on submitted photographic proof.

If you have revieved an item that was damaged during shipping please click the link below within 14 days of receipt.

Report Damaged Item

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