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Something To Me Guarantee


Somethingtome.com was created to be a fun way to shop online, a common concern among first time customers is if they will receive an item worth less than the $10 paid. We are happy to eliminate this concern with our Guaranteed Fun, Guaranteed Value promise.  It’s Simple, we guarantee that when you receive your item it will be worth over $10 (per MSRP, Suggested Retail Price or List Price + cost for shipping and handling1). We guarentee that if you find the same product at another retail website, excluding auction websites, where MSRP is less than $10 and total cost of item plus shipping charge1 is also less than $10, we will refund you the difference.




You need to be 18 years or older to order.


One "Something" will be one item shipped to you.


You can order up to as many different somethings (items) as you want per order. If you choose to order more than one something in a single order, although unlikley it is possible that you may receive duplicate items.


Merchandising Policy


SomethingToMe.com selects from a large inventory of products and services to send as somethings. This selection excludes any products that are illegal to buy and sell in the United States of America.  In addition to this, SomethingToMe.com also has put restrictions on product and service selection in order to comply with our service providers' and our own company policies, which can be found on this page.


SomethingToMe.com will not send any apparent pornographic or gambling materials as something. Still, SomethingToMe.com will not be responsible any products or services that are sent as somethings that will offend you or anyone in any way.


While SomethingToMe.com and its affiliates may advertise items being sent with an MSRP well over $10 USD, it is more likely that you will receive something worth anywhere between $10- $25 USD (Base MSRP + shipping and handling1).  Although SomethingToMe.com will sparingly send out much more expensive items as promised is the advertisements.


By placing an order at SomethingToMe.com you are legally agreeing to these terms, and can’t hold the owners, and or affiliates of SomethingToMe.com responsible for any misinterpretation of website terms and conditions. It is the website users sole responsability to read these terms and conditions before using and/ or purchasing anything from somethingtome.com.


While SomethingToMe.com obeys federal laws of goods and services that are unlawful to trade, we will not be responsible for any state, county, city or town mandated rules of restrictions.


Shipping Policy - (United States)


There are no charges for shipping. Unless otherwise noted, your something will be sent within 7 business days after you place your order.  Actual delivery times can vary depending on what your something is and which state you reside in.  Most orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Once your order has been shipped you will reveive an email containing tracking information. If you do not receive an email within 7 business days please contact us.


International Shipping


SomethingStore ships worldwide2.  The shipping charge per order for other countries is $16.95. We will ship international orders via USPS First Class International. Your package may take on average 14 days arrive to its destination depending on your country and region, after it is shipped, but can take as many as 30 days.  If your package weighs over 16oz (0.45kgs) SomethingToMe will file the customs form - the value will be enetered as $10 per item shipped.


Return, Exchange or Refund Policy


Something to me LLC will not intentally send any damaged or unusable products as something. Due to the unique nature in which Somethingtome.com operates and because of the random merchandising policy, all sales are final; no returns, no exchanges, no refunds. However, if your something becomes damaged or unusable during shipping, we will send a replacement for the product. Somethingtome LLC reserves the right for item(s) to be returned at the buyer's expense, before a replacement can be sent.  If you reveive an item that was damaged during shipping, you must report said damage to Something to me LLC witin 14 business days in order to have a replacment sent to you. Something to me LLC reserves the right to request and/ or require photographic proof of said damaged item. Something to me LLC reserves the right to deny any damaged item claims depending on submitted photographic proof.  Report a Damaged Item.



1- Our cost for shipping and handling are an average of $2-3 per order depedning on weight and size of item shipped.

2- We ship to all countries that the United States Postal Service will deliver to. If you are not sure if the USPS ships to your country please visit their website.


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